Wall sandwich panel consists of three parts. This structure consists of two parts
The outer one becomes an inner part. The core of this product has different types of
Such as: rock wool, fiberglass, polyurethane foam (polyurethane), polystyrene
Of course, in Iran it is mostly with (xps or extruded polystyrene) (eps
Polyurethane foam is used.
Polyurethane is a dense foam with high density, which is injected into the mold
Prefabricated tools come in a variety of designs, according to modern methods
Construction of the building and the importance of using lightweight materials of prefabricated poly tools
Urethanes are a good alternative to traditional bedding.

Polystyrene is a type of aromatic synthetic polymer made from styrene monomer
Is. Styrene monomer is a petrochemical substance and to be precise
Hydrocarbon is a liquid and an oil derivative. Polystyrene at solid room temperature
It has a flexible structure, while it melts at higher temperatures
It can take the form of a mold.
Nowadays from polystyrene due to light weight, high durability, high thermal insulation,
They use economy and high efficiency. Polystyrene panel one material
It is an inexpensive building that has good insulation properties
According to the goals in the construction industry such as sustainability and energy efficiency
Proper use of insulation has always been the most important issue. Different ways to
There is insulation of buildings.
One of the most popular materials used to insulate buildings is polystyrene foam, which has long been popular. Polystyrene foam is an insulating material
It is a white plastic used to insulate buildings in the industry
It is a building.
Prefabricated wall insulation foam
The interior, which is the most important and main part of the structure, is made of foam
Insulation made of polymeric materials. Polyurethane foam is the strongest type of foam
It is the most widely used insulation foam due to its fire resistance
Polyurethane insulation has many applications in prefabricated walls due to this prominent feature
In the production of sandwich panels from other foams such as: rock wool, fiberglass, poly
Styrene is also used, which has less properties than polyurethane
To be.
Prefabricated wall sheet
The two outer parts of the wall sandwich panel play a protective role. The most important
Its property is to be stainless. These sheets are resistant to rain and lineage
The prefabricated wall enters has a high resistance. This causes that
The life of the structure reaches three times the useful life. Alozinc sheet is one of the most important items in
It is made of a panel that consists of a layer of sheet covered with zinc
The metal has anti-corrosion properties in acidic and alkaline environments