What is a prefabricated building?


Prefabricated buildings are buildings that are built in the primary environment and assembled in the secondary environment or are built and ready for this transfer; The prefabricated building materials usually consist of gypsum blades, plastic materials, wood and light but strong alloys. The most important reasons for the tendency of humans to use prefabricated buildings are for reasons such as more reasonable price than conventional buildings, high speed in its preparation, portability, heat and sound insulation, anti-earthquake, disassembly and … Cited . Canopies, as a very common subset of prefabricated buildings, play an important role in urban housing, which we will explain further.
The prefabricated sandwich panel building, as the best type of prefabricated building, consists of a lightweight and composite structure that is connected by two sheets with an insulating layer in the middle. Other features of prefabricated buildings include mechanization of building construction, reduction of defects, failures and seams, reduction of human casualties and high elegance. The most important applications of prefabricated buildings are its use. Villas have a high level of resistance in the construction of office and management offices (for places where there is a lot of open space but little space for office offices inside the building), villas (in addition to easy transportation to difficult places such as deserts or mountains) It is prone to weather and is affordable), shops, sports facilities (such as swimming pools or gymnasiums), sanitary facilities, schools (in remote areas where school construction is difficult or unjustified). ), The prayer hall, and so on.
During his trip, building and buying a prefabricated house, also known as a modular house, pays attention to points such as paying attention to the general image of the prefabricated house and its dimensions, the final price of the prefabricated house, which according to the size, facilities and raw materials used. Gone is the change, it’s important to have a contractor to assemble the raw parts. Prefabricated houses, like ordinary houses, have the luxury of maintaining luxury appliances of all dimensions, and at the same time, if the resistance of this building is not more than normal buildings, it is not less, so the tendency to use this type of buildings is increasing. Is .