New construction methods have been used for many years in European and developed countries of the world
And has strengthened its position with technical tests and acceptable experiences
Is. Especially in the face of natural disasters and economic necessities on the one hand, and industry on the other
Construction of housing towards the use of more and more such materials with the aim of lightening, accelerating and
Save as much energy as possible. Light steel structure including cold steel sections
It is rolled and produced in different shapes and dimensions. Features of this system are light,
It is possible to produce sections in a short time, fast transportation and easy installation. In this system to control the force
Side braces are used
Prefabricated building in its simplest definition refers to buildings whose main components are in
A site other than the construction site is constructed and then transferred to the site. building industry
Which is one of the vital and tortuous industries of any military; Experts are always looking for low
Build time (increase construction speed), sell units quickly, build durable buildings and
Minimize construction costs and raw materials are required to be realized with the advent of prefabricated buildings
This is getting closer.
The prefabricated building and the method of preparing its raw materials have led to the time of construction of this prefabricated building
Decrease and increase the speed of production, as the speed of production increases, so does the operation of the final product
It is achieved earlier than the deadline, which minimizes the so-called “capital sleep”. this door
While prefabricated building structures are lighter in weight than building materials
Traditionally, less pressure is placed on the foundation of the building, which is due to being placed next to a strong structure
These prefabricated roofs and walls are also more earthquake resistant than ordinary buildings.
Also called prefabricated building
It is said to be an urban structure whose different parts are built in the industrial environment of the factory and
It is then transferred to the project site or its location.
In the constructions that take place around us, we are accustomed to a workshop environment
We have seen and watched the new buildings grow little by little over the months. This is while independent of the head and
The noise, the barriers and the disturbances that are somehow created for us at every stage of construction, finally
We are faced with a building in which neither the traditional Iranian standards have been observed, nor it has elements
Islamist architecture does not fully follow Western architecture and does not conform to the appearance of its neighbors.
As a result, our city is sinking into this anonymity more every day than the day before.
However, as consumers, we have no right to change this procedure, and no doubt we are in one of these
Structures We are busy with work and life, but with a wider open and horizontal view we can use new phenomena.
In general, at a lower cost, a widely used, higher quality and more durable building than the examples
Available to us in the shortest time.
In this regard, it should be noted that a prefabricated building was built in about a month and one or two
The day is also spent installing it, which contradicts the statistics recorded in our minds (like the example above)
Is . Moreover, although these types of buildings also have a western origin, but with
Existence of privacy and the distance it creates between itself and its neighbors (assuming that
Duplex villa), is more compatible with human nature and preferences than traditional structures
Cisstad as one of the most famous presentations
In the construction of a prefabricated building, the complex
Providers of this product nationwide, relying on years of experience – examples of which can be found on this website
Observe – as well as the creativity of your young workforce, proud to consider everyone
The demands of the employer, designed products suitable for the space, needs, budget and taste for him
And bring the project to the key delivery stage within the specified time at the time of signing the contract.
Another advantage of a prefabricated building is its insulation against temperature and sound
Low maintenance, possibility of easy changes in its structure, reusability of materials, increase
The interior of the building due to the thinner walls, no garbage production, washability and
Compatibility with all weather conditions noted