The barber sandwich panel is a structure made up of four parts. A metal skeleton and a low-density core and a layer of metal or cement or gypsum or PVC, etc., which are connected to the main core on both sides. The core used in load-bearing sandwich panels is usually made of polyurethane or polystyrene or rock wool. The power and lightness of this technology has made it a very popular solution.
The use of portable sandwich panels to build housing, villas and cottages has become a viable solution to building a low-cost home worldwide. Cargo sandwich panels as a lightweight construction consist of a floor system, a wall system and a roof system.
The load-bearing sandwich panel of steel structure is used to combine standard modules. Building a villa with a barber sandwich panel is a new type of house that is environmentally sound and efficient and has a quick and easy installation.
In addition to building villas, load-bearing sandwich panels are widely used to build temporary or semi-permanent office spaces, labor camps, containers or warehouses, schools, warehouses and housing.
Advantages of building a villa with Babur sandwich panel
After many years of old designs, the quality of construction, aesthetics, reliability, versatile building materials have recently appeared in the global building markets, which immediately gained great popularity in all areas and construction industries. has done.
Cargo sandwich panel systems are special skeletal and coating systems that have multiple advantages in exterior and interior architectural coatings and wall partitions. Here are the main benefits of using a sandwich panel in the design and construction of a villa:
Thermal and acoustic insulation
Apart from the skeleton, which is the first principle of the carrier sandwich panel, a sandwich panel consists of three layers connected by adhesives: a thick layer by two metal or cement boards or gypsum or external PVC. At the center, the thick insulating core, which is usually made of expanded polyurethane or polystyrene, polysocyanate or rock wool, acts as thermal and acoustic insulation and protects the villa against extreme heat or cold conditions.
The low heat conductivity of the material and low degree of moisture absorption, combustion stability, ease of installation and assembly of sandwich panels have made them a popular choice.
Strength, durability and adaptability
Cargo sandwich panels are structurally superior to older materials and make them more durable and less prone to maintenance thanks to the strong internal and three-layer internal skeleton and system with thick insulation and various durable plates.
Carrier sandwich panels can be successfully combined with other building materials such as brick, block, stone, tile, slate, wood, steel and glass. In addition to being compatible with other forms of construction, these materials are also very diverse and have more creative applications than conventional building materials.
Cargo sandwich panels, as a universal material, represent an essential element in the construction of any building. These materials are proven, ranging from apartment houses and villas to commercial entertainment complexes, stadiums, medical centers, economic and industrial structures.
Quick and easy installation
Although the barber sandwich panel system has an internal skeleton, it is also lightweight, meaning that it stores significant weight in the functional structure and is easier to carry and install on site.
Regardless of the final application, interior and exterior walls, floor and ceiling surfaces are of great importance, and the low weight of the sandwich panel in the efficient and fast installation of the system has led to significant savings in project time and cost. .
Building costs and energy efficiency
The most important advantage that sandwich panels provide for each construction cycle of a building is a significant reduction in construction work and building costs (from 30 to 50 percent) compared to other materials. These panels are easy to transport and have a special design that gives them a special value
Villa buildings made of sandwich panels carry about 50% more energy than older options. In addition, thermal transfer coefficients are obtained with thinner walls, which can further reduce material use, manpower and cost.

Installing a carrier sandwich panel in the process of building a villa is an efficient way to improve the overall construction project, from accurately estimating costs and minimizing the use of labor and specialized tools to building much faster and achieving excellent insulation and high energy efficiency. . As a result, sandwich panels offer a very durable, strong and economical construction option.