Sandwich panels are structures made of two hard layers and one middle layer of insulation. Sandwich panels are available in different types depending on their hard and durable layers. One of the newest models of these structures is a sandwich panel with a coating on both sides of the cement board or cement sheet. In this type of sandwich panel, two resistant layers of cement are made. The thickness of these cement layers is 4 miles or more. Sandwich panel is a product used to cover the walls and roof of buildings.

Advantages of using two-sided coating of cement board

The use of sandwich panels with double-sided coating of cement board or cement sheet, gives you more advantages than ordinary sandwich panels. By using this type of sandwich panels, in addition to the advantages such as sound and heat insulation and high fire resistance that all types of these structures offer, you will be able to make many uses of its cement surface. Due to the fact that the sandwich panels of cement sheets are on both sides of the cement, you can execute your desired views, such as stone, ceramic, tile, etc. on them. As a result, these types of structures are aesthetically superior.

Also, due to the fact that no metal is used in the construction of these structures, it has a high resistance to moisture and is the best option for use in buildings that are built in wet and rainy areas.

Why use a sandwich panel?

Building a building based on an old process may take 6 to 7 months. But the same building with the same volume using two-sided cement sandwich panels takes only a month. Construction time is very important. For example, the sooner a production building or warehouse is assembled for use, the sooner the return on investment can be achieved. Sandwich panels are sturdy and superior structures that offer good alternative solutions in buildings due to their ease of installation and accessory options.

Strength, durability and versatility of sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are structurally superior to many building materials because they make them more durable and require less repair thanks to a strong and durable three-layer system with thick insulation and cement sheets.

Sandwich panels with coating on both sides of cement board or cement sheet can be easily combined with other materials such as brick, block, stone, tile, slate, wood, steel and glass. In addition to compatibility with other forms of construction, sandwich panels are very diverse and have more creative applications than conventional building materials.

Ability to insulate sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are available with expanded polystyrene (EPS) cores, mineral wool and polyurethane (PIR), or polysacrylate. The presence of these materials inside the sandwich panels gives it the ability to sound insulation and heat insulation and increases its fire resistance.

In what cases can cement sandwich panels be used?

Cement sandwich panels are used to build sheds, houses, villas, toilets, etc. Sandwich panel buildings are also widely used for temporary or semi-permanent office space, labor camps, containers or warehouses, schools, warehousing equipment, etc. These structures are used as both walls and ceilings. These materials have a very high resistance to moisture and are resistant components. Sandwich panels have become the most efficient solution for building fast and low-cost housing worldwide. Buildings made of cement sandwich panels are a new type of house that are environmentally sound, energy efficient and quick and easy to install.