Constructions are structures that are built in the factory depending on the user they are expected to use and are transferred to the customer’s desired environment. The sheds are usually made of sandwich panels, glued sheets, steel, siding, composites and so on. Today, condominiums have many applications, such as residential-villa, dormitory, office, security, etc. نسبت Compared to conventional structures, they are offered at affordable prices. However, people expect to be able to benefit from them for consecutive years due to the cost of their condominiums. In this article, we are going to look at what factors affect the longevity of a canopy. And what measures should be taken to extend the life of the condominium?
Preliminary material for building sheds
One of the things that is effective during the life of canopies is the original material that is used to build them. Depending on the material from which the canopy is made, there are different prices and, of course, different lifespans. So when buying a product, think about how many years you plan to use it and share it with the manufacturer to give you the best offer. As mentioned, the sheds are made of various materials such as sandwich panels, composites, siding and so on.
• Sandwich panel
Sandwich panels are a multi-layered structure made of two layers of metal, usually galvanized steel, and a layer of rock wool placed between them. Due to the layered structure of these structures, they are also good thermal and acoustic insulation.
• composite
Another material used to build sheds is composite. The composites have a beautiful effect and are used in shelters for security, office, shop and other purposes.
• Siding
Siding canopies are made of sheets that are placed horizontally next to each other. Due to its special model, this facade has high resistance and high safety.
The effect of weather conditions on the length of the canopy operation
One of the factors influencing the longevity of condominiums is the weather conditions. The humid and rainy climate causes rust and the faster the canopy disappears because the shelf life of the canopy is greatly reduced by rusting. You can extend the life of your shed by using simple and effective measures to prevent it from becoming impenetrable in natural climates.
In such cases, the use of insulation and painting is very useful to prevent rust. With this simple point in mind, you can be sure that the shed will last as long as possible. When buying a canopy, be very careful about the product you receive, because any cracks in the paint coating or the surface of the canopy can cause rust, which can significantly reduce the shelf life of the canopy. This does not mean that very small flaws will destroy your canopy, but you should be careful anyway. Because minimizing exposure to moisture is the most effective way to extend the life of the shed.
How long does the condom last?
Depending on the conditions in which the condominium is maintained, some may last longer than others. Depending on the initial material of the canopy, the type of use, the weather conditions and the estimated life expectancy of the canopies are between 20 and 30 years. But with proper maintenance and precautions, even this time can be increased. But the thing about canopies is that they are structures that are completely recycled, and as a result, canopies can be sold even after they are out of life.
Measures to extend the life of the canopy
Using insulation for exterior walls can add tens of years to the life of your shed. Insects and caries do not damage an effective cover and can last more than 50 years.
Another effective approach is to take remedial action as soon as you encounter any problems. For example, as soon as you encounter a ringtone, try to repair it and remove it, because as soon as you fix it, you will be effective during the life of your canopy.
Another thing to keep in mind is not to place your shed directly on wet ground. The use of a concrete platform for the foundation of the canopy prevents the moisture from penetrating the canopy, which increases its lifespan.
Proper ventilation and ensuring that the space inside the shed is not too wet will give you the assurance that moisture will not damage your shed.
Another thing to keep in mind is to lubricate the moving parts. Ensuring that the washers, hinges, and locks are well lubricated with oil allows you to easily use them all the time you have the canopy.
Based on the above, it can be concluded that the most important factor that reduces the life of the sheds is the humidity. Experience has shown that the best way to make the most of the barracks is to pay attention to their needs, weather conditions and therefore their clever design. Using high-quality materials along with a clever design that takes into account all the factors influencing you will ensure that you get the most out of your investment.