Applications of prefabricated house (prefabricated building):

Office Workshops Prayer Houses, Meeting Rooms, Schools, Guard Rooms, Power and Engine Room, Warehouse, Exhibition, Emergency Camps, Earthquake and Flood, Sanitary Ware, Temporary Buildings, Laboratory

With the advancement of technology in the construction industry today, these walls have many applications in this field. Prefabricated concrete houses can be substituted for traditional methods because these walls can be ordered at any height. Where is the prefabricated concrete house built? Join us in this article to get acquainted with the concept of prefabricated concrete house.

The standard for prefabricated concrete houses is that they are usually built away from construction sites and in factories. After completing the work, they are sent to the desired location for installation and use. The use of mass production policy is a prefabricated concrete house policy that takes place with the help of industrial methods. The most important goal of using a prefabricated concrete house is to achieve the desired result in a short time and at a low cost.

Features of prefabricated concrete house:

Based on the right division and expertise, the manpower that is considered for this work will be economical.

Standard production is such that parts are interchangeable and items such as products, building-related equipment, machinery, etc. operate in an automatic manner.

Precast concrete doubles the speed of construction. Concrete that is poured in situ will have poorer performance against concrete and precast concrete houses. Climate is also less effective in precast concrete.

Productivity can be increased by molding in the factory, with increasing quality control, the final control over construction will also increase.

What is a prefabricated structure?

In fact, these structures are prepared in remote places and away from construction, and after completion and preparation, they are transferred to the desired locations.

What is a wall panel?

A piece that is presented to you both flat and flat. The cut of these pieces will be in the form of geometric shapes. Materials used to make this piece are: concrete, wood, building materials and …