Concrete sheet sandwich panel canopy is one of the best choices for wet and rainy areas such as the north of the country. Canopies are prefabricated structures that are manufactured in factory conditions. The design and material used in the construction of the sheds distinguish them from each other. The interior and exterior design of these structures is done according to the taste and budget determined by the customer.

What is a sandwich panel of cement sheet?

Sandwich panels (sometimes referred to as composite panels or structural insulation panels (SIP)) consist of two layers of durable material attached to either side by a lightweight core. have became. These two layers, which are placed around the core, can be made of different materials. In sandwich panels of cement sheet, both sides of the core of the cement sheet are placed. The thickness of cement sheets will be from 4 miles up.

The core of the sandwich panel is usually made of rock wool or mineral wool, etc., and keeps the two side sheets in the correct position. Sadwich panels withstand strong forces and provide good sound and heat insulation.

Canopy with sandwich panel of cement sheet

Construction of the canopy by sandwich panel from cement sheet is a unique product of Apadana Sazeh collection, which has many advantages. The use of cement for sandwich panel sheets greatly increases its resistance to humid and rainy weather in areas such as the north of the country. By using sandwich panels made of cement sheet, you can own a beautiful villa as soon as possible at a lower cost.

Advantages of using sandwich panels from cement sheets

By using sandwich panels made of cement sheet, in addition to enjoying the advantages of sandwich panels such as sound and heat insulation and high load bearing capacity, reasonable price, etc., you can easily add your desired view. Get off the canopy.

These types of canopies easily provide you with the ability to paste any type of facade such as tiles, ceramics, etc. on it. Therefore, there are canopies that finally achieve a special beauty and effect and become a completely luxurious and beautiful home or workplace.

Since cement sandwich panel sheds no longer have a metal facade, they are a very suitable option for rainy and wet areas. Because they have a high resistance to moisture and there is no need to worry about rust, leakage and rot, etc.

Applications of sandwich panel canopy made of cement sheet

As mentioned, these types of sheds have a beautiful view and they can be easily used as villa sheds. Using the condominium as a villa would be a smart choice. Because in addition to being cost-effective, many obstacles such as life-threatening, wasted financial and labor resources, roadblocks, etc. will be removed in a short period of time. .

As mentioned, the interior and exterior of the canopy can be easily covered with tiles. Therefore, this type of canopies is also used as toilets, prayer halls, rest areas, etc. Other applications of this type of condominiums include their use as car shows, workshops, shops, coffee shops, fast food and restaurants along the way, and so on.

Why choose sandwich panels?

Cost reduction: By choosing a sandwich panel, the construction process is much less complicated and therefore faster and most importantly cheaper. Given the current situation in the construction services market, working time plays a key role in the cost optimization process. The faster this structure is done, the lower the cost of construction services, which has increased in recent years.

Beautiful view: Apart from the basic functions of industrial structures, aesthetics is increasingly considered today. Especially when we use these structures as our workplace, the appearance and beauty of the place gives high credibility to our business. The appearance of our workplace, whether it is a warehouse, manufacturing plant, store or car showroom, often determines the level of trust in the brand. For this reason, the use of sandwich panel canopies made of cement sheets is of special importance due to the ability to improve the appearance of the structure.

Proper thermal and acoustic insulation: Rock wool core also has good thermal protection. Thermal insulation is very important because it allows you to adjust the temperature in the chamber. In order to provide a pleasant living or working environment for people, it is especially important to keep the temperature at a certain level. Insulation that is non-combustible is also required to ensure fire safety. Non-combustible materials resist the spread of fire. Sound performance is also a significant aspect of insulation material because it must protect personnel from excessive noise. Good sound insulation, for example, reduces the risk of hearing loss and enables a reasonable level of conversation in the workplace. Sandwich panels can provide you with these benefits.