Nowruz is one of the busiest days of the year. Nowruz travelers these days include all sections of society. If we reduce the cost of housing in tourist cities, the cost of travel will be significantly reduced and more people will be able to travel with any level of income. One of the suggestions of our collection for tourist cities is to use the condominium for Nowruz travelers. These projects are currently being implemented on many northern coasts and the Caspian Sea, which have been well received. For this reason, it can be extended to all tourist cities of Iran such as Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz and….
Use of barracks for tourist places
In addition to responsible organizations and centers, such as municipalities or governorates, individuals can also make a profitable investment in this area. For example, you can equip the land you have by using the canopy with suitable distances and acceptable amenities and provide it to the guests of your city.
This will benefit you a lot, because the condominiums only have an initial cost and do not have a lot of maintenance, in addition to you, the use of the condominiums will benefit the people who travel to your city. is too. Because they can rent a place to stay more affordable than expensive hotels and inns.
Also, with the ease of renting a place in a tourist city, it can have a great impact on attracting tourists. Tourists always bring significant benefits to city dwellers. Paying attention to the tourism industry is a profitable investment for people who want to invest in this field.
Nowruz sandwich panels
Nowruz canopies can be made of different materials such as sheet metal, sandwich panels, composites and so on. There are many benefits to using sandwich panels to build Nowruz barracks. Because sandwich panels are heat insulating and fire resistant. This not only does not provide much heat to the heating and cooling system, but also keeps passengers safe.
Sandwich panels do not have any moisture or water leakage. Therefore, they are very suitable for northern and humid or cold lands. Because in these cities, especially during Nowruz, there is heavy rainfall and it is necessary to protect it from water leakage. Sandwich panels are made of two layers of metal, usually made of aluminum, and each layer is glued to a separate layer called the core, which is thermal insulation and is usually made of rock wool.
The price of Nowruz canopies
The price of neurosurgery canopies varies depending on the material used to make it. These barracks, like ordinary houses, are sold in square meters. In addition, the interior features of the canopy also affect their price. The more equipped the condominium, the higher the price and the higher the level of well-being. This allows you to rent your condos at a higher price.
Using Nowruz condominium is an affordable solution
It is important to note that canopies are still more affordable than a simple building under any circumstances. By investing in and providing lighting sheds, there is a guarantee that in a very short time, in addition to the price of the sheds, you will get a high profit. Therefore, it can be said that using these barracks will be a cost-effective and efficient solution.
Upgrading the canopy level according to the customer’s needs
Canopies can be upgraded according to customer’s needs, which include the type of doors and their placement, the number and type of windows, sound and heat insulation, resistance to adverse weather conditions, electricity, plumbing and so on. In addition, the floor of the sheds can be covered with any material that the customer wants. Ceramics, mosaics, etc. can be used for flooring.
Quick use of barracks
Operation can begin as soon as the sheds are produced and transported. The canopies do not require any special foundation and are placed on a platform that is better prepared with cement without the need for a base. Of course, making platforms is not necessary and they are made only if you want. But this prevents moisture from entering the canopy space from the floor.
Discuss the beauty of the barracks
Canopies can be ordered in any color you like. In addition to the desired designs, the cottage, attic, etc. can also be given to the barracks to be an attractive and attractive environment for attracting passengers. In addition, you can register any company logo design and. On the canopies.
How long do condos last?
The typical lifespan of a canopy depends on a number of factors, such as what the weather is like, how diligent it is to maintain its health, how many times it has been moved to different locations, and how effective it is. In the worst case, the useful life of the sheds will be about 10 to 12 years. But experience has shown that canopies can live for more than 17 to 18 years in equilibrium.