In general, the canopy is a prefabricated structure, which in different languages ​​is called shelter shelter and in English conex. The canopy has various uses, but its initial idea for use as a temporary temporary residence, which was built quickly and It has been located in a place that has been added over time, such as shops and services.
In Iran, the use of condominiums has various applications, one of the most important of which is the rapid settlement of earthquake victims. In the autumn earthquake of 1396 in Kermanshah, this issue received a lot of attention and many donors gathered and a campaign to collect donations. People formed to buy condominiums and donate to Kermanshah.
Application of the concourse
The most important use of the canopy is in the field of temporary housing, but other applications were added later, which led to the growth of this industry and its interaction with the city of Vandan. Among the most important were the use of urban service kiosks, residential buildings and newsstands or public telephone kiosks that provided various services to the people. Shortly afterwards, applications for permanent housing, such as villas and portable homes, were also underpinned by prefabricated structure manufacturers, and customer acceptance led to the spread of prefabricated culture around the world, including Iran.
An example of a public telephone kiosk can be seen as the first examples of a canopy and a modern security kiosk in the image below.
Old canopy

Types of sheds
In the following, we will review some of the most important and most widely used types of canopies and provide brief explanations about each of them.
Guard: This type usually has small dimensions and is used to deploy guards or security personnel at the entrances of complexes and companies, and its conditions are such that the person has full vision in all directions to be able to control the whole area. Be.
Workshop: Accommodation of workers in construction workshops as well as administrative offices for project engineers requires a space that is built at low cost and high speed. Therefore, using a workshop canopy is the best option for this need, and types can usually be found with different dimensions and sizes in each workshop.
Villa condominium: Using it as a prefabricated house of these structures caused the creation of a product called villa villa condominium. This structure, like a well-equipped house, has several rooms and toilets. Depending on the dimensions of its internal facilities, it is variable and more. They are used in areas such as Lavasanat and pleasant cities.
Janitor: In many apartment complexes, especially office and sometimes residential, with a large number of units need a janitor or guard who is permanently stationed there, so to provide accommodation for the guard and his family to provide a janitor’s condominium. They are usually placed in the yard or complex parking lot.
Shop: Shopping malls are usually used at busy intersections to sell a variety of cultural products and press newspapers. This type usually has small dimensions that have electric shutters and lighting for lighting at night.
Urban service kiosks: These structures are responsible for providing various social and citizenship services within the urban space, the most important of which are bicycle stations, ATM kiosks, blood donation, medical advice and cultural products.
Wheelchairs: Wheeled types are commonly used for uses that require a lot of movement, and are sometimes referred to as mobile caravans or travel caravans. Examples include mobile police station stations and tourist caravans. Be.

Canopy production methods
There are different styles and methods for making a canopy, and this variety of styles is due to the great variety of options available to choose from. It is made of iron profiles with dimensions of 40 x 40 mm, which are used according to the dimensions and type of quality grade, different thicknesses and scores. The joints are mostly continuous by welding, but in some cases also by screw and method. The beads are also produced for assembly and disassembly. Body and roof coverings are also made of different materials such as galvanized steel sheets, wood, fiberglass and prefabricated panels, which are selected by the buyers of the canopy when ordering. Because each has its own characteristics and advantages, and they are different in terms of cost.
What are the benefits of condominiums?
The most important benefits of using the concourse are that it saves time and money, but it also has other benefits. Here is a summary of each of the benefits to clarify the issue.
Speed ​​in construction: In general, the speed in construction with a prefabricated style is much higher than the usual and traditional methods, which is equal to the faster return on capital and save time and money.
Earthquake resistance: Due to the use of prefabricated techniques and materials with large and lightweight tiles, these structures are very resistant to earthquakes and on the other hand, if the rubble is destroyed, it is not dangerous for humans because their density is compared to building materials. Much less.
Thermal insulation: The use of suitable insulation in the walls of the canopy, especially the type of sandwich panel in which polyurethane foam is used, has minimized energy loss and can be used in very cold or very hot areas.
Possibility of relocation: It is a great advantage to be able to easily move a prefabricated structure or house, especially in construction and construction workshops that can immediately move the structures to equip the new workshop after the completion of the project.
Storage capability: One of the important points and application of the canopy is their use in times of crisis, such as earthquakes and floods, which can be temporarily accommodated for the victims of the accident. Therefore, these structures can be mass-produced and kept in a place for emergencies so that if necessary, a large number of them can be provided to the public.
Variety in design: The ability to implement a variety of designs for different uses so that each structure is fully compatible with its type of use and has the highest efficiency is also one of its advantages, which is usually in designing the canopy during technical inspections and Pre-production research is done.
Disadvantages of the concourse
One of the main disadvantages of these structures is the lack of quality control in most production units in the first stage. This is because many of their manufacturers have set up small, non-standard workshops that, without considering the engineering principles of the prefabricated industry, produce poor quality materials using poor quality materials. This will reduce costs because the low-quality raw materials will have a lower final cost, and many buyers will buy from them because of the low price, and will eventually regret it. Be sure to get your product from reputable factories that produce canopies in accordance with the technical principles of engineering.
Other disadvantages include:
Price reduction after use: Usually after purchase and use, if we want to sell a condominium, about 30 to 40 percent of the initial cost will be deducted.
Limitations in dimensions when transporting: In order to be able to carry, each structure must have standard dimensions, both in length and width and in height, in order to obtain a license to travel on roads in the country, which is large in size to solve this problem. Twin or construction method is used on site.
The price of the condominium
The final price and the price of the canopy are provided to the customers according to the request of the customers and what dimensions and facilities they have requested in the form of a pre-invoice containing technical specifications and explanations that must be calculated exclusively for each structure. However, some types of them, which are more common and widely used, are produced as a type. For information on their specifications and costs, you can refer to the 12-meter canopy price page as well as the canopy price page, where the technical information and list of materials used It is fully described.

What is a condom unit?
The question that arises is what is the counting unit? In answer to this question, we must say that its unit is either a number or a device. In most technical engineering cases, the device is used instead of a number. For example, it is said that a device is a canopy or five devices, but in general cases they usually use a number. Both are correct, but for the bathroom and toilet canopy, another unit called a spring is used, each of which is called a spring. For example, the four springs sanitary canopy of Rahrudar.
What is a condominium?
End of canopy life
After a long period of use, each product has reached the end of its useful life, and the canopy, like all man-made products, will one day reach this stage. Now, the user’s use time with the structure may have expired, in which case it may have been sold either as waste or as a worn-out and second-hand structure, or it may still need it, in which case by making a reconstruction and Repairs to worn-out parts will be reused. They will be useful, and quality structures 2 and 3 will last for at least 4 to 10 years.
What are the common questions about the concourse?
What is the unit of measurement for the canopy?
The unit of measurement of the canopy is exactly like any other building based on the square meter, with the difference that in prefabricated structures, the dimensions are measured from back to back (ie from outside the structure). Due to the fact that the thickness of the walls of the canopy is between 6 and 10 cm, the interior space can be easily predicted by deducting the thickness of the walls.
What is the difference between a shed and a stall and a kiosk?
The stalls, kiosks, caravans, shelters, and prefabricated camps are all kind of condominiums, except that different names are usually used in specific uses. For example, a small guardhouse is also called a guard kiosk or guardhouse, or a wheeled structure for moving caravans. Also, for mobile telecommunication booths, the word shelter, which has a Latin name, is usually used.