Category of prefabricated connections

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The main difference between integrated systems and prefabricated systems is in their connections. systems The prefabricated consists of prefabricated members that are connected at the execution site by joints To be. Prefabricated connections can be categorized in several ways: • In terms of how to provide continuity between prefabricated parts In this regard, the joints

Types of prefabricated structural systems

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Box system In this prefabricated system, the structural members are made up of hollow rectangular cubic pieces, each They can form a whole or part of a separate unit. Due to the low number of connections in this method Construction, the speed of implementation of this type of system is very high and suitable for

Why are barber prefabricated wall insulations better than traditional ones?

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This prefabricated wall can be one of the most technically popular walls due to its many advantages The price is reasonable. In general, the direct and indirect costs of this product are much lower than the method Previous traditional or industrial style building in the building Earthquake reinforcement is one of the most important goals

Advantages of prefabricated facades over traditional ones

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There are various factors in construction, but with the advancement of science Construction and innovation of these problems will no longer be mentioned benefits Prefabricated view compared to traditional view: Weight Fast shipping Quick and easy installation without the need for ironing and rabbits Style building Ability to pass construction equipment Ability to repair and

Lightweight concrete components for prefabricated walls

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Time is the only thing that can not be compensated or even purchased at great expense. That is why today the whole world prefers to use ready-made tools that are available in the market Save some time and maybe save time for yourself. Prefabricated walls are also one of the materials used to rebuild ruins

Prefabricated buildings in windy areas

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New construction methods have been used for many years in European and developed countries of the world And has strengthened its position with technical tests and acceptable experiences Is. Especially in the face of natural disasters and economic necessities on the one hand, and industry on the other Construction of housing towards the use of

What is a prefabricated wall?

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These walls, as mentioned earlier, are produced in places far from construction. The use of structures is different and can be provided in the form of building materials, columns, concrete slabs, etc. Reinforcements such as concrete are used to produce prefabricated walls. What is the meaning of panel? The distance between two adjacent hinges /

Applications of prefabricated structures

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Management and office offices: For places where there is a lot of open space but there is little space to create offices in the building 2. Types of villas: High resistance to all types of weather as well as easy transportation to a variety of places that are difficult to cross, such as mountainous areas

What is a prefabricated building?

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A prefabricated building refers to a building that is built in the primary environment and assembled in the secondary environment, or is constructed and prepared for this transfer; Prefabricated building materials usually consist of gypsum boards, plastics, wood and light but strong alloys. One of the most important reasons for human tendency to use prefabricated

Learn more about 3D panels!

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Buildings that use 3D panels in their construction are among the buildings with prefabricated systems and have special advantages. In buildings with 3D panels, after the panels are transported to the installation site and installed, all the requirements of the joints are installed at all angles and then the concrete spraying process takes place. How

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