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Prefabricated buildings in windy areas

New construction methods have been used for many years in European and developed countries of the world And has strengthened its position with technical tests and acceptable experiences Is. Especially in the face of natural disasters and economic necessities on

Prefabricated wall with polystyrene and polyurethane foam insulation

Wall sandwich panel consists of three parts. This structure consists of two parts The outer one becomes an inner part. The core of this product has different types of Such as: rock wool, fiberglass, polyurethane foam (polyurethane), polystyrene Of course,

What is a prefabricated wall?

These walls, as mentioned earlier, are produced in places far from construction. The use of structures is different and can be provided in the form of building materials, columns, concrete slabs, etc. Reinforcements such as concrete are used to produce

Prefabricated house applications

Applications of prefabricated house (prefabricated building): Office Workshops Prayer Houses, Meeting Rooms, Schools, Guard Rooms, Power and Engine Room, Warehouse, Exhibition, Emergency Camps, Earthquake and Flood, Sanitary Ware, Temporary Buildings, Laboratory With the advancement of technology in the construction industry

What is a prefabricated building?

A prefabricated building refers to a building that is built in the primary environment and assembled in the secondary environment, or is constructed and prepared for this transfer; Prefabricated building materials usually consist of gypsum boards, plastics, wood and light

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