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Specializes in the construction and design of professional structures

Save on consumption

Using state-of-the-art technology, the prefabricated buildings of Apadana Sazeh are completely insulated, thus preventing energy loss and wasting resources, and significantly reducing energy costs.


By using special materials, Apadana Sazeh Company has been able to minimize construction crimes and thus minimize the forces caused by earthquakes.

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Structural system

The structural system of Apadana prefabricated buildings has been developed, modeled, loaded, analyzed and designed using the most advanced computational methods and computer design, under the supervision of experienced consulting engineers.

Ability to run in different climates

The use of materials resistant to a variety of weather conditions, such as cold, heat, humidity, frost, and frequent flooding, has made it possible for prefabricated Apadana buildings to be used in different climates.

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Ability to expand in the plan

Due to the special design used in the construction of lightweight prefabricated parts, and due to the flexibility and geometric compatibility and architecture of these parts, this type of building can be expanded in the plan.

Build speed

Due to the high speed of construction of parts in the factory and consequently the high speed of installation at the project site, the construction time of Apadana buildings is up to 4 times less than buildings with traditional systems.

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Apadana Sazeh provides you with the most beautiful structures by using the best materials and using the best designers.


Design is one of the most important steps in building a structure. Apadana Sazeh, using the latest technologies in the world, is going through this important step well.

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